Rapture Ready Travel Terms and Conditions:

- Before developing a detailed, worry-free, itinerary, and booking a vacation all clients must agree to the Terms Conditions shown below. Vacation planning involves much time. The work is based on years of personal experience and professional expertise. I research cruises, resorts, hotels, airlines, and tours to meet your specific needs, coordinate transportation, and develop detailed, worry-free, itineraries. Your final itinerary and documents will give you as smooth a vacation as is possible.

- To receive a detailed, worry-free, itinerary, the client must complete and submit the Credit Card Authorization form.

- Once Rapture Ready Travel has constructed your itinerary, booking your vacation through Rapture Ready Travel is quick and easy. The final price quoted may include a small administration fee depending on the vacation supplier and any special conditions associated with your booking.

- If you decide to book your vacation yourself or with another travel agent after a detailed itinerary has been produced and delivered to you, a quotation fee may be applied for services rendered.

- Quotation fee: $30 per detailed quote if booking is not done through Rapture Ready Travel. This fee does not apply if you book your vacation through Rapture Ready Travel.

- Administration Fee: This fee is highly dependent on the vacation supplier, the complexity of the vacation and other ancillary requirements. This fee, when applied, will not exceed $50 per booking.

- All fees will be charged at the discretion of Rapture Ready Travel.